Programmatic Activation

Maximise the power of paid media to boost campaign results and drive customer acquisition and loyalty at scale.

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Real People, Real Results
lower cost per acquisition
return on advertising spend
increase in average order value

Acquire and grow your customers with precision and scale

With Zeta, your paid media strategy is in good hands. Engage the right audiences with personalised messages determined by real-time signals and predictive insights. Make every step in the customer journey a personal one.

Deliver highly personalised, targeted experiences via desktop, mobile, CTV, DOOH and more that will exceed consumer expectations and yours.

Integrate paid media as part of your multichannel campaigns to deliver true cross-channel marketing across desktop, mobile, display and video, CTV, search, email, website, and more.

Track conversions from ad exposure across all paid and owned channels.

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Real people, not devices or cookies

All of Zeta’s solutions operate on one of the industry’s most durable and persistent identity graphs. Our approach is based on people with minimal reliance on third-party cookies. In turn, Zeta Activation provides more precise analytics and attribution, zero-to-minimal data loss across channels, and maximum efficiency of media spend.

What separates the Zeta Identity Graph?

Anchored by people-based identifiers vs. third-party cookies

Enterprise-scale breadth and depth without a restrictive walled garden approach

Activation across channels and devices with minimal data loss

Thousands of predicitve signals appended to every customer profile

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Updated and ready for action

Zeta's data sets informs every campaign you launch with extraordinary insights. Our superior integrated data management capabilities ensure that individual profile in the platform are updated instantaneously. Which means you can rest assured every campaign is using the most up-to-moment information to drive results.


•  +200 million active consumer profiles in Europe & UK

•  2 Billions of unique global identifiers

•  Thousands of real-time signals per profile

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Real results 

Every Zeta Activation campaign is built with business objectives in mind and designed to show how activities ladder up to the desired results. You can even save 25% to start by bundling in our deterministic audience data at no additional cost.

Expertise and execution that meets your needs

Our solutions are at their best when we achieve the right balance of human intuition and Zeta’s cutting-edge solutions. Our unique approach will help you access next-generation technology and leverage our expertise in campaign strategy, analytics, data science, and more.


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