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Create individualised experiences and drive outcomes throughout the customer lifecycle.

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The Zeta Marketing Platform has the tools to grow your customers and your business in one integrated system.

Data and identity at the core


Identity and data are the bedrock of marketing ROI. After all, effectively marketing to consumers starts with knowing who they are, what they buy, and what they care about. Zeta's deterministic dataset enables you to recognise your best customers as well as your top prospects across channels and devices, enabling you to deliver the right offer at the right time, every time.

Enrich your customer knowledge with intent-based signals and scoring across top activities.

Identify anonymous users and engage them across channels with meaningful experiences.

Connect your data sources and manage the flow of information with a user-friendly interface.

Act on consumer intent instantly

Know the exact moment a consumer is in market for your products and act immediately. While other platforms can take days to forecast customer behaviour, Zeta provides AI-powered recommendations in real-time based on proprietary signals, market and competitive intelligence, unique deterministic identifiers, and much more.

Target known and anonymous users across channels and devices with personalised offers.

Create look-a-like audiences that can be activated across programmatic campaigns and help grow your customer base.

Outsmart your competition with business intelligence derived from consumer and market trends.

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Individualised experiences at scale

Create, deploy, and optimise your customer interactions across channels with our visual experience management interface. Easily incorporate the platform’s native channels into your campaigns or add channels from other technology providers. Zeta gives you the power to build individualised, insights-enriched experiences -based on thousands of attributes and events- at scale.

Reach customers where and when they are most likely to engage across email, mobile, social, website, advertising, CTV, direct mail, and more.

Automate your most valuable marketing activities and responses with Zeta’s powerful AI.

Strengthen customer connections with campaigns that are based on specific interests and needs.

Zeta platform individual experience

Analyse and optimise in real-time

With the ability to calculate tens of thousands of metrics instantaneously, the Zeta Marketing Platform makes complex analytics actionable in seconds. You can monitor reporting in real-time from a centralised dashboard, customised to the metrics you value the most. We provide full transparency into the attribution and insights that are driving your business.

Make faster and more informed decisions with on-demand access to performance metrics.

Prioritise analytics that drive business outcomes and measurable results.

Generate reports from across all your marketing efforts and KPIs and easily share them.

Lower your total cost of ownership

Because our platform wraps around and augments your existing tech stack, we make it easier to efficiently increase your performance. Want to increase your ROI and lower your total cost of ownership? We can help you eliminate up to 17 costly point solutions. Ours is an enterprise-grade platform built for complex organisations with the need to consolidate systems.

Faster implementation and onboarding mean faster time to value on your investment.

Instantaneous data ingestion and real-time updates enable faster time to activation in market.

Learn about our pre-built integrations for data management, channel activation, and more.

Zeta platform lower cost of ownership

We are a partner, not just a platform

When it comes to omnichannel marketing, Zeta’s focus is on more than just building the best platform. We also strive to be the best partner. Every client is assigned an account team with expert resources at their disposal, like implementation, integration, strategy consulting, data science, and more, to help ensure your organisation’s success. 

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