Customer Acquisition

Unlock paid channels to reach and acquire new customers at scale.

Man with connections to other people

Finding prospects quickly—and at scale—is no easy task. You may have access to volumes of data in your customer file, but that does not give you complete visibility into where prospects are on their journey to becoming customers. If you can’t recognise visitors to your website, you won’t be able to determine who your actual customers are, which makes suppressing existing customers in acquisition campaigns nearly impossible.

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Maximise your first-party data

By enriching your first-party data with Zeta's proprietary intent signals, you’ll gain insights into your ideal prospects like never before. Combine these insights and your website visitor data to discover new, high-value prospects to target.

Conserve marketing spend by targeting prospects based on likelihood to convert

Eliminate waste by suppressing known customers from all acquisition campaigns

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Expand your incremental reach

Customer Acquisition is built on the Zeta Marketing Platform, you can use programmatic advertising and social channels to find and engage new customers. 

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