Bringing The Promise of Generative AI to Marketers

Bringing The Promise of Generative AI to Marketers

Christian Monberg, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Product; Neej Gore, Chief
Data Officer

Ask Sophisticated Questions, Get Actionable Answers 

We are excited for you to meet your newest team member – Zoe.  

Zoe (Zeta Opportunity Engine) was originally introduced internally at Zeta in 2019 as a vision for what the Zeta Marketing Platform could be. Even as voice-activated devices were proliferating, it appeared to be a window into a distant future. Today, just over three years later, we are proud to bring Zoe and our generative AI capabilities to life. We genuinely believe generative AI technologies represent a new paradigm in computing and business, and we believe Zeta is well-positioned to be a leader in this new era. 

Since launching the Zeta Marketing Platform back in 2019, our team has believed in the vision of AI and Data: true intelligence at the center of everything we do. Thanks to the team’s foresight, aptitude, and support to invest in foundational data and AI frameworks, we were prepared for the recent advances in how complex deep learning language models would change enterprise software.  

As consumers, we’ve experienced the tectonic shift in what we can start to expect from generative AI. As Zeta, we get to apply these expectations and ambitions to solve our customers’ biggest challenges. In the near-term, Zoe will solve questions around creative, automation, optimization, prediction, and of course, new marketing opportunities. But perhaps more importantly, we’re (re)thinking how all these generative AI opportunities work together to create new use cases, new outcomes, and new customer experiences.

So, what are the benefits? Zoe simplifies the complexities of sophisticated marketing. 

• Unlock Business Challenges with Answers: Ask complex questions, get powerful answers: ‘who should I target?’, ‘which of our data sources contribute most to our win-back campaigns?’, ‘what are the most common customer journeys?’ Zoe will combine brands’ first-party data with Zeta’s proprietary data to answer the questions, instantly. 

• Generate Personas Unique to Your Brand: Generative Personas are born of your data. Rather than creating these target demographics by hand, ZOE will generate them for you. They’re accurate and authentic to your brand.  

• Predict Strategy & Revenue: The ZMP will automatically pose predictions for the marketer, and bespoke predictions can be forecasted to build confidence in future marketing programs. It will no longer be a manual process that could take hours or days. Users will have the ability to forecast revenue, channel profitability, score audience engagement targets, and predict results based on specific strategies.  

• Create Individualized Content – Content such as images, copy, audio, and video will be recommended with specific tonality intended to capture the attention of an individual and improve their experience across all channels.  

• Automate Workflows– Persona-based agents will automate how to procedurally achieve tasks including onboarding, completion of workflows, and recommendations on how specific people on marketing teams should be collaborating. 

There are many more use cases forthcoming over the next several months and quarters -and we’re just getting started!  

Example of Zeta’s Omni Search

Example of Zeta’s Generative Personas


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