Case Study

How Carousel Games Leveraged AI-Based Audiences to Lower Costs and Increase Conversions by 65%

Carousel Casino Games started in 1996 as an offline casino with locations throughout Belgium. Following an amendment to the Gambling Act in 2010, Carousel became one of the first Belgian casinos to take legal gaming online with the creation of Today, Carousel is one of the most successful, B+ licensed websites in the marketplace thanks to its compelling games, lucrative sweepstakes, attractive player promotions, and strong customer service.

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The Results

By partnering with Zeta and implementing AI-based segmentation, Carousel was able to attract more players, increase average deposit value, and reduce acquisition costs.

Decrease in CPL vs standard remarketing
increase in conversions using Zeta AI-based audiences

The Challenge

Underwhelming Media Performance and Stagnating Returns

Carousel Games operates in the highly competitive market of online gaming. To stand out in a growing field of motivated competitors, attract more players and increase the average deposit value, the marketing team knew they needed to better leverage their data to understand how to be more efficient with their media dollars. Their existing technology limitations prevented them from achieving accurate audience segmentation across programmatic and social channels, which hindered their ability to target the right audience with the right message. This resulted in underwhelming media performance and wasted resources.

The Solution

AI-Based Segmentation to Predict Visitor Conversion in Real Time

To solve their segmentation issues, the marketing team at Carousel Games (along with their partner, Grava) turned to Zeta for help. By leveraging Zeta's AI-based audiences and proprietary scoring models, the team at Carousel was able to unlock an entirely new level of visibility into their data, enabling them to accurately segment their audiences. This allowed them to analyze site engagement and predict the likelihood of visitor conversion in real time, significantly improving the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

The results of this new partnership were impressive. Carousel Games was able to successfully acquire more players, more easily, and through targeted communications, was able to persuade them to increase the value of their average deposit. By reaching highly engaged, in-market players in real-time, Carousel saw a 65% boost in player conversion rates. Additionally, the team managed to reduce their cost per lead by a staggering 70%, making their marketing efforts more efficient and cost-effective in a highly competitive marketplace.

Increase Marketing and Ad Spend Efficiency with Zeta

Accurately determine the interest, engagement, and likelihood of conversion of individual consumers with Zeta’s AI-based audience segmentation. To discover how Zeta can help harness the power of data-driven engagement and drive incremental revenue, contact your dedicated Zeta Sales or Account Representative today.


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