Case Study

How Toyota Increased Conversion Rates by 360% with Individualized Omnichannel Engagement

Toyota is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer based in Japan. Producing 10 million vehicles per year Toyota works every day to apply and share their know-how in ways that benefit people, the community, and the planet in order to build a better tomorrow.  

The Results

By partnering with Zeta and implementing AI-based omnichannel engagement, Toyota was able to better engage potential buyers, increase leads to dealers, and boost car sales.

Higher Click-Through Rate
Higher Conversion Rate

The Challenge

Boosting Leads for Toyota Dealers

Toyota was having trouble capitalizing on traffic to its manufacturer website. They were getting a huge number of consistent visits but funneling that traffic to local Tier 2 and Teir 3 dealers was difficult with their current marketing technology. They simply lacked the capability to connect campaigns across different channels, meaning that when someone left their manufacturer website without visiting a dealer site, it was difficult to continue to communicate with them across other digital touchpoints such as email, display, and social.

Furthermore, when leads did make it to dealers, it was challenging to determine channel attribution and gain a comprehensive understanding of overall marketing performance. Dealerships also had trouble leveraging their data from internal DMS systems for remarketing purposes, making the car buying experience feel disjointed and impersonal. To achieve their growth targets, Toyota knew they needed a transformative change in their marketing approach.

The Solution

Creating Individualized Omnichannel Experiences

To address their marketing technology challenges and enhance their omnichannel strategy, Toyota decided to implement a pilot project with Zeta. Their goal was to more effectively identify visitors to their manufacturer site and funnel them to Teir 2 and Teir 3 dealers. By leveraging Zeta's AI-Powered Marketing Cloud, Toyota unlocked unknown-to-known matching and intelligent retargeting, which enabled the team to link unknown site visitors to identities known to Zeta for targeting in other channels. Now when a visitor left the manufacturer site without converting, Toyota could retarget them across email, social, and display to push them towards a local dealer site.

Zeta also played a big role in how dealers facilitated conversations with potential buyers. By pulling customer data from the dealer DMS system and combining it with real-time behavior and conversion data from the Zeta Cloud, dealerships were able to create a comprehensive view of the customer and determine where they were in the buying process. By presenting tailored advertisements featuring each customer's desired vehicle, Toyota effectively nurtured non-converters and encouraged them towards an eventual purchase. This synchronized approach during the pilot project resulted in a 360% increase in high-quality sales leads generated from existing website traffic, resulting in more clicks and more conversions for dealers.

Increase Omnichannel Engagement with Zeta

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