Zeta named a leader in the SPARK Matrix for Delivery CDPs

Zeta Global Named a Leader in the SPARK Matrix for Delivery CDPs by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions  

We’re proud to be recognised as a Leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solution’s Q2 2024 Delivery Customer Data Platform (CDP) SPARK Matrix for the second consecutive year, receiving strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact. This report includes a detailed vendor landscape analysis and provides strategic information for users to evaluate vendor capabilities and competitive differentiation. In a market crowded with both large marketing suites and specialised vendors, this recognition highlights Zeta’s strength as a CDP and underscores our balanced approach to product development and strategy. In the past two years, Zeta’s commitment to innovation has enabled us to leapfrog hundreds of other vendors, demonstrating that our technology stands out above many of our competitors.   

According to Anish Krishnan, Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “The Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP), featuring its Customer Data Platform, offers a unified approach to identity resolution, intelligence analysis, and omnichannel activation. The Zeta Opportunity Engine (ZOE) utilises consumer signals to provide precise, actionable insights, supplemented by features such as an Email Service Provider (ESP) and a Demand-Side Platform (DSP), offering a holistic solution for optimizing marketing strategies. Zeta’s innovative roadmap, with advancements like the Visual Composer and AI-Assisted Segment Creation, highlights its commitment to improving user experience and driving market innovation. With strategic use of generative AI and extensive data sets, Zeta enables highly targeted campaigns and activations, setting a standard for personalised marketing at scale, and positioning Zeta Global as a leader in the SPARK Matrix for Customer Data Platforms in 2024.” 

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Zeta’s CDP offers a comprehensive set of capabilities that provide marketers with a lower cost of engagement and higher ROI. These capabilities include: 

  • Identity: Superior data management, deterministic identity resolution, and intent data target high-value customers more precisely while preparing marketers for a cookieless future.  
  • Intelligence: Zeta’s AI has been built from the ground up for years to provide marketers with answers to its biggest challenges, while other martech providers are still catching up.   
  • Activation: The ability to precisely activate all channels in one platform. 
  • Reporting: Superior reporting and analytics capabilities that provide the insights marketers need to stay one step ahead.  

Zeta’s next-generation CDP is leading the MarTech replacement cycle with innovative, integrated, AI-powered solutions that solve relevant pressing problems and help marketers drive growth. Our momentum is a clear indication that the market is actively seeking alternatives to legacy solutions in favour of technology that can keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of customers. 

Key Differentiators Driving Our Recognition 

  • Data Cloud Enrichment: Zeta’s proprietary Data Cloud enhances CDP capabilities with extensive consumer and B2B datasets, offering rich customer insights and comprehensive identity resolution for targeted marketing strategies. 
  • Generative AI Integration: Leveraging generative AI and proprietary data, Zeta assists marketers with forecasting, analytics, and attribution, providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations. 
  • Detailed Campaign Insights: Zeta employs automated hyper-parameter tuning and model selection to optimise performance and provides granular insights into campaign outcomes, helping users refine their campaign strategies. 
  • Modern Architecture: Zeta’s platform is built on modern cloud architecture, integrating native AI capabilities to facilitate the streamlined delivery of highly personalised messages at scale, and provide extensive activation capabilities across channels. 
  • Strong Record of Success: Zeta has a proven track record of delivering business outcomes and leveraging technical expertise and personalised strategies to drive tangible results and foster brand loyalty. 
  • Forward-Thinking Vision: Zeta’s strategic roadmap focuses on enhancing user experience and driving innovation with initiatives designed to make sophisticated marketing simple: 
  • The Zeta Opportunity Engine (ZOE), Zeta’s conversational AI assistant, provides actionable insights and recommendations for optimizing automated workflows and personalizing campaigns. 
  • New features such as the Visual Composer and AI-Assisted Segment Creation streamline content creation and audience targeting, offering marketers intuitive tools and contextual data awareness. 
  • Zeta Conversational Commerce aims to improve customer engagement and support capabilities, empowering sales and customer support teams to deliver exceptional experiences. 

Looking Ahead 

Zeta’s recognition as a Leader in Quadrant’s CDP SPARK Matrix underscores our focused approach to solving the complex challenges faced by our clients. We are grateful for this recognition and enthusiastic about the new opportunities it brings. As the CDP sector evolves, Zeta is committed to providing innovative solutions that set new standards for what businesses can expect from their data platforms. 

Discover how Zeta can transform your marketing efforts with industry-leading technology and speak to one of our experts today. 

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