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What to Look for in a Modern Email Marketing Platform in 2024

By Kara Trivunovic, GVP, CX Studio. Choosing the right email marketing platform is essential for brands aiming to launch powerful campaigns, connect with customers, and drive revenue. A well-chosen platform is more than a digital courier—it’s a core piece of your marketing toolkit, enabling personalisation, automation, and insightful analytics. That said, choosing the right platform isn’t just about ticking features off a list. You need to ask intelligent questions to ensure the platform meets your needs and supports your future growth and innovation goals.

Of course, you still need to look for some fundamental capabilities, such as:

  • Personalisation
  • Dynamic content
  • Sending individual vs. batch emails

But in 2024, you need to dig deeper. Let’s run through the key questions to ask so you can fully understand whether an email platform meets your needs.

1. How Does the Platform Use AI and ML?

Start by exploring how the platform employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to simplify tasks for marketers and boost campaign effectiveness. Solutions would be remiss not to claim using some form of AI these days, so you need to take a harder look at how the technology can benefit you.

Consider whether the platform can provide AI-based recommendations to drive better results, such as:

  • Audiences likely to be receptive to your offer
  • Types of offers that would resonate best
  • Engaging subject lines
  • Optimal send times

Additionally, evaluate how the platform leverages AI and ML to tailor the customer experience, from personalising content to channel optimisation.

2. How Does the Platform Adapt to Real-Time Customer Behaviours?

When evaluating an Email Marketing Platform (EMP) or Email Service Provider (ESP), it’s crucial to understand how it responds to live consumer behaviours and signals, transcending standard customer journey maps.

Typically, a platform designs a journey for users who have made a certain purchase—let’s say a puppy or a new car. It then blasts out a series of follow-up emails based on this initial action. However, this approach assumes a one-size-fits-all customer path, which rarely aligns with real-world behaviours.

The magic happens when a platform can detect and analyze immediate customer behaviours, adapting its messaging in real time. This strategy ensures communications are driven by the customer’s in-the-moment needs and actions, rather than a predetermined sequence.

It’s also worth considering how swiftly the platform can turn insights into action. This can make the pivotal difference between seizing an opportunity or missing it entirely. The goal is to ensure every message feels personal and timely.

3. What About Intent-Based Signals and Predictive Intelligence?

Take careful note of how a platform treats intent-based signals and behaviours so you can distinguish window shoppers from those with purchase intent.

For instance, let’s say a user checks out three product pages related to various Tesla models. Another user visits a product page, downloads a buying guide, and interacts with a targeted ad.

Although both customers have engaged three times, the latter demonstrates a higher purchase intent and should be scored accordingly.

A sophisticated platform can dynamically evaluate, score, and prioritise these interactions in real time. This way, you can align your communications more closely with their readiness to convert and prioritise serious shoppers.

4  How Sophisticated Are the Automated Triggers?

Almost all platforms automatically respond to basic customer actions, like sending a welcome email after signup. However, the real test lies in the complexity and depth of the triggers.

For instance, can the platform automatically send a targeted follow-up email if a customer views a product but leaves the site without purchasing? Can it trigger a personalised discount offer when a customer has shown consistent interest in a product but needs a final nudge to convert?

Reacting to nuanced customer behaviours, rather than just basic actions, significantly enhances the relevance and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This level of automation allows for a more dynamic and responsive marketing strategy, where every customer action—or inaction—can inform a tailored, timely response.

The more advanced the triggers, the more personalised and impactful your campaigns can be, turning potential customers into loyal fans with minimal manual intervention.

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