11 Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Customer retention has become more crucial than ever before. While most organisations focus on acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones is equally important, if not more. A strong customer retention strategy not only increases engagement and loyalty but also boosts profits in the long run. However, retaining customers is not easy, and it requires a set of best practices to keep customers interested and involved in your products or services.

In this blog, we will discuss the 13 best customer retention strategies that work. From creating personalised experiences to offering unique services and rewards, we will cover everything that can help you build strong relationships with your customers and retain them for the long term. So, let’s get started and explore the world of customer retention together!

What is Customer Retention, and Why Is It So Important?

Have you ever wondered how some businesses manage to keep their customers coming back for more, while others struggle to retain their existing customer base? The secret lies in customer retention, which refers to a company’s ability to keep customers engaged with its products or services over a long period of time.

So, why is customer retention so important? Well, for starters, it’s much easier and cost-effective to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. In fact, research shows that it can cost up to five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Not to mention, existing customers are more likely to make repeat purchases, refer others to your business, and provide valuable feedback that can help you improve your products or services.

But that’s not all. Customer retention also plays a crucial role in building brand reputation and increasing customer lifetime value (CLV). When customers keep coming back to your business, it indicates that they are satisfied with what you have to offer and are likely to become loyal advocates of your brand. This, in turn, can help attract new customers and increase revenue.

So, what can you do to improve your customer retention rates? The answer lies in implementing various strategies and tactics that aim to build strong relationships with your customers, enhance their experience, and increase their loyalty towards your brand. By doing so, you can increase engagement, build strong relationships, and ultimately drive profitability in the long run.

What Are The Best Customer Retention Strategies?

Now that we understand the importance of customer retention, the question is, how can we improve it? The answer lies in implementing the best customer retention strategies that work. These strategies are designed to keep your existing customers engaged, satisfied, and loyal to your brand. From creating personalised experiences to offering unique services and rewards, there are several tactics you can use to improve your customer retention rates.

1. Create Connections by Sharing Values

One of the best ways to retain customers is by creating connections with them based on shared values. This means that your brand should have a mission or purpose that resonates with your target audience. By promoting your values and mission, you can attract customers who share your beliefs and create a sense of community around your brand.

The ÏDKIDS group is an example of a company committed to the well-being, development and respect of children’s rights around the world. Numerous actions are set up in shop to support children’s development via the ÏDKIDS foundation. This mission has struck a chord with the customers of their various banners, who share the company’s belief in the importance of reconciling human needs and economic issues for sustainable progress. Children’s development, protection and rights are at the heart of the group’s actions and have helped to create a loyal customer base.

2. Create A Positive Onboarding Experience

Another important customer retention strategy is to create a positive onboarding experience for new customers. This means that you should make it as easy as possible for new customers to get started with your product or service, and provide them with the resources they need to be successful.

The Décathlon shop, which was named “France’s favourite retailer” at the end of 2019, is offering a welcome programme that rewards its customers from the moment they make their first purchase. In addition to the classic welcome emails and extra points for joining the club, the store encourages its customers to take action for the planet and rewards them for practising their favourite sport.

3. Provide Personalised Experiences

Providing personalised experiences is another effective customer retention strategy. This means that you should tailor your products or services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each customer. By doing so, you can create a more engaging and satisfying experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Using a sophisticated marketing platform will allow you to deliver customers a personalised website experience, personalised emails, and personalized SMS messages.

For example, Vertbaudet uses predictive algorithms to personalise the online experience for expectant mothers. As soon as a mum-to-be arrives on the homepage, the “new collection” banner is replaced by a “my birth list” banner. What’s more, to enhance the experience of its most loyal customers, Vertbaudet personalises its flash sales with pop-ups or personalised emails based on customers’ interests and purchase history. Finally, Vertbaudet goes even further in terms of personalisation by highlighting its loyalty club with informative messages based on the visitor’s situation, such as “Congratulations, you’re benefiting from the club price” or “Add 3 items to your basket to benefit”. This makes for a more engaging user experience, responding to visitors’ needs at the time of their visit.

4. Built Trustworthy Relationships

Building trustworthy relationships with customers is another important customer retention strategy. This means that you should be transparent and honest in your communication with customers, and do everything you can to build their trust.

With its loyalty card, Yves Rocher offers its customers a sophisticated loyalty programme.The French company builds a long-term relationship of trust with its customers through responsible products that are not tested on animals, and through its commitment to environmental and wildlife protection associations.In addition to discounts, offers and gifts, the company regularly organises visits to their laboratories.As well as demonstrating their commitment to protecting biodiversity, this transparent approach creates a relationship of trust between the brand and its customers.

5. Request Customer Feedback

Requesting customer feedback is another effective customer retention strategy. This means that you should actively seek out feedback from your customers and use it to improve your products or services.

Carrefour is a hypermarket at the service of its customers.The shop gives a voice to its customers and when you have a loyalty card, you regularly receive questionnaires to improve the website and the shops.All opinions are carefully studied and appropriate responses are proposed.

6. Share Insider Momentum on New Developments

Sharing insider momentum on new developments is a great way to create excitement with current customers and keep them engaged with your brand. This means that you should share exclusive updates with your customers about new products, features, or services that are in development.

For example, the food brand Michel et Augustin opens the doors of its production plants to its customers once a month, so that they can discover its new creations.This is an opportunity to discuss production methods and company values, and to taste the products in an informal setting.In this way, customers are privileged to discover the brand from the inside.

7. Maintain Communication

Maintaining communication with your customers is a crucial aspect of customer retention. This means that you should keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis, providing them with updates, news, and other valuable information.

Lancôme is just one example of a brand that has mastered this exercise perfectly.Simple but effective, the brand’s Instagram posts allow its audience to discover its products.Through this highly sophisticated communication, the brand, owned by L’Oréal, aims to encourage its target audience to test and buy its products.

8. Offer Unique Services

Offering unique services is another effective customer retention strategy. This means that you should provide your customers with services that are not available from your competitors, creating a sense of exclusivity and loyalty.

To boost its customer relations and reinforce brand preference, the Etam group has developed an exclusive range of services and original rewards.The group offers its best customers unique experiences in line with the brand universe.Their customers can benefit from the advice of a Personal Shopper, go backstage at the Etam fashion show, take part in customisation workshops and much more. Etam also goes beyond the usual rewards and allows its customers to make donations to charities or their loved ones. A committed brand that creates real solidarity between its customers.

9. Develop a Strong Customer Retention Program

Developing a strong customer retention program is a comprehensive approach to retaining customers. This means that you should create a program that includes a variety of strategies and tactics, such as subscriptions, loyalty programs, and other incentives.

The Fnac+ card is an example of a loyalty programme that offers a variety of benefits to its members. By becoming a member, you gain access to free home delivery and installation, year-round discounts, reductions on shows and cultural events, as well as free Deezer, ePresse.fr and Izneo subscriptions.By developing a solid loyalty programme, Fnac succeeds in increasing the lifetime value of its customers.

10. Always Provide Excellent Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is perhaps the most important customer retention strategy. This means that you should always go above and beyond to help your customers, addressing their concerns and resolving their issues as quickly as possible.

Zappos is a company that is known for its exceptional customer service. The company has a team of customer service representatives who are available 24/7 to help customers with any issues they may have. By providing excellent customer service, Zappos has been able to retain a loyal customer base and become one of the most successful online shoe retailers in the world.

11. Reward Loyalty

Rewarding loyalty is another effective customer retention strategy. This means that you should provide your loyal customers with incentives, such as discounts, exclusive deals, and other rewards.

Sephora is a company that rewards its loyal customers through its Beauty Insider program. The program provides customers with points for every purchase they make, which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, such as free samples, exclusive products, and access to special events.

Final Thoughts

Customer retention is a crucial aspect of any successful business strategy. By retaining existing customers, you can reduce customer acquisition costs, increase customer lifetime value, and build a loyal customer base that will help your business thrive in the long term.

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