Media Optimisation

Optimise results with campaigns fully customised to individuals versus channels or segments.
Powered by Zeta’s proprietary AI and precision targeting capabilities, we can deliver outstanding campaign performance against critical KPIs and aggressive conversion goals. That’s because we do more than just target people based on who they are, but also where they go and what they buy. Each client has an account team of experts committed to their success.

Engineered for relevance and results

Guided by AI, Zeta’s DSP optimises campaigns on the fly to maximise performance against KPIs. Our platform continuously adapts and learns at the individual level, ensuring only the most relevant retargeting triggers are being leveraged per individual. At the same time, Zeta employs advanced supply forecasting and bid optimisation to ensure media is working harder for you.
Proprietary real-time bidding and predictive modelling technology ensure performance.
Every campaign is optimised against budget, timeline, and business objective.

Tuned in with optimal frequency

Achieving the right message frequency is critical to optimising campaigns and maximising return on marketing spend. Zeta’s AI automates frequency capping by learning the optimal message frequency per individual versus per segment. That efficiency is applied across paid and owned channels to achieve the ideal balance between cost and conversion.
Frequency determined in real-time through AI-led forecasting and predictive modelling.
Impression selection and bid optimisation occurs with every individual ad opportunity.
Intent-based behaviour and transaction insights provided at scale via Zeta’s Data Cloud.

Scoring the moments that matter

The key to increasing conversions is identifying the moments when an individual is ready to act. Using intent-based predictive signals and propensity scoring provided by our platform, Zeta’s DSP bids for impressions in microseconds based on how likely an individual is to act or convert from an ad opportunity across channels, devices, and objectives.


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