ZetaVation April 2024

Making Strides Toward a Cookieless Ecosystem

Google recently announced a delay in third-party cookie deprecation, in the hopes of picking things back up in 2025 pending regulatory approvals. Google’s plan is to completely phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome in favour of alternative technologies that put consumer privacy at the forefront. For marketers, this signals a seismic shift in how they need to approach online advertising and track user engagement. No matter the timeline, cookie depreciation is imminent, and marketers need to be ready. The good news is that Zeta is prepared to launch brands into the cookieless future.  We’re continuing to test and deploy the best new solutions for a cookieless environment, working closely with our customers to ensure they receive the best possible outcomes. In this edition of Zetavation, we’re excited to introduce three helpful tools to help marketers thrive in the looming cookieless ecosystem.

Cookieless Identity

Capitalising on authenticated site traffic is still the gold standard for targeting accuracy, but cookie depreciation makes it harder to track unauthenticated users, and in turn, retarget and measure campaign effectiveness.  

Zeta’s Cookieless Identity combines the precision of authenticated IDs with the scale of the leading unauthenticated ID providers, seamlessly maximising addressability and reach in a cookieless environment. By passing user data through Zeta’s java script tags or files, we can leverage our super graph to transition users into multiple identity spaces, giving you the best chance to reach your highest value prospects. Using Cookieless Identity, marketers can retarget users and measure campaign attribution in cookieless browsers, filling the authentication gap and safeguarding against future privacy regulations.

Clean Room

Most enterprises are fragmented, with dozens of subsidiaries, thousands of data silos, and miles of red tape that prevent data unification. This makes it difficult to create a complete view of the customer while managing personal data in a secure and compliant manner.

Zeta Clean Room is a privacy-centric data sharing solution that maximises the value and addressability of first-party data, which will be invaluable in a cookieless world. Clean Room helps you safely and anonymously share data in a secure, frictionless environment, enriches your first-party data for expanded customer insight, and provides seamless, timely data access without compromising privacy and security.

Unlike traditional clean room infrastructures, the Zeta Clean room can be deployed quickly and without engineering support—reducing setup costs and accelerating your time to value. By offering an intuitive UI along with a secure, controlled environment that streamlines data unification, Zeta Clean Room makes it easy for marketers to optimise the customer journey and build impactful brand experiences.

ID-less Topics Targeting

Chrome is transitioning away from cookies and cross-site tracking for targeting ads, switching to their new solution, the Topis API.  Topics is part of Google’s Privacy Sandbox solutions designed to preserve privacy while still enabling browsers to share data for things like retargeting, interest targeting, and attribution.  Topics takes a browser’s site-viewing history to generate easily accessible interest segments –In other words, it’s a new way for marketers to target users and optimise campaigns without using individual data.

Instead of relying on third-party audience segments, which are less effective without cookies, Zeta’s ID-less Topics Targeting enables marketers to use Topics to target and optimise their advertising. This means marketers can continue using Zeta’s detailed audience information and look-a-like audiences to reach more people through Chrome, even as cookies are phased out.

Looking Ahead

For the past 12 years, Zeta has invested in building a leading Identity Resolution solution for effective messaging and measurement across devices and channels. Our identity graph is built on the strength and scale of people-based identifiers, all underpinned by permission-based data and insights derived from +37M individuals in the UK and +195M in Europe.  As third-party cookies are sunsetted, Zeta is well-poised to help marketers achieve—and exceed–their goals.


Zeta provides a best-in-class identity solution that utilises both deterministic and probabilistic methodologies to inform our identity graph. Our identity graph is created from one of the largest non-third party cookie-based data sets, centered around over 37 million UK-based profiles consolidated from more than 13.6 million email addresses. This deterministic foundation enables marketers to reach audiences at scale and personalise 1:1 messaging at record level.


Zeta’s AI combines and interprets a wide range of proprietary signals on each person in our ID graph, in near real time. to build behavioural profiles that accurately predict actions, intent, and brand propensity independent of third-party cookies. Zeta’s AI automatically optimises campaigns for performance against KPIs, including frequency capping, look-a-like modelling, and retargeting.


Powered by our identity graph, Zeta breaks down channel and device silos to help marketers seamlessly connect with their audiences. Using a transparent media mix, Zeta reaches real people, not third-party cookies, on a 1:1 basis with a unified look at campaign performance across channels.

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