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How Generali Leveraged AI-Based Website Individualisation to Increase Close Rates by 24%

Generali Poland, a part of the renowned Generali Group, is a leading insurance provider offering comprehensive solutions tailored to customers' needs. With a rich history dating back to 1831, Generali operates in over 50 countries with 82,000 employees serving 68 million customers worldwide. In Poland, Generali offers a wide range of insurance products, including car, home, business, life, and agriculture insurance, as well as pension and investment funds, through its trusted brands such as Generali, Proama, and Generali Agro.

The Results

By partnering with Zeta and implementing AI-based omnichannel marketing, Generali and their agency, Media & Leads Polska, were able to deliver an enhanced digital experience that echoed their values, increased online engagement, and generated highly qualified leads.

Increased conversion rates
of sales-ready leads

The Challenge

Fragmented Technology and Low-Quality Leads

Generali Poland was facing challenges with its marketing technology, hindering the team’s ability to create effective, engaging campaigns in previous years. Disparate data from a variety of tools rendered it virtually impossible to create a unified view of customers. This resulted in a disjointed multichannel communication strategy, lower-quality leads, and a prolonged sales process. To grow in the highly competitive insurance market, Generali knew they needed to find better solutions.

The Solution

AI-Based Individualised Website Experiences

After vetting multiple vendors, Generali implemented the Zeta AI-Powered Marketing Cloud to better engage their customers. To pilot the technology, Generali decided to focus on enhancing website activation with the goal of increasing lead quality. By leveraging Zeta's technology, Generali was able to eliminate their existing data silos to create a unified customer view and interact with website visitors in real time. Instead of relying on rules-based personalisation, Generali crafted individualised experiences that changed depending on engagement levels and behavior, building immediate rapport with visitors through messaging and promotions that felt authentic.

Zeta's scoring engine and website personalisation tools enabled Generali to activate their first-party data and scale across various insurance verticals, resulting in hundreds of sales-ready leads. Unlike their previous lead generation efforts, these leads were well nurtured and closed at a 24% higher rate, ultimately reducing time to close and driving more incremental revenue at an even quicker pace for the business.

Impressed by the exceptional quality of Zeta-driven leads, Generali's call center team expressed interest in sourcing similar leads for other business units, leading to discussions about incorporating additional modules from the Zeta platform. Looking forward, Generali aims to leverage AI-powered audiences for retargeting purposes across other channels to create individualised omnichannel experiences.

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